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DORSET CREATIVE DANCESensory classes for babies and toddlers to aid development by using props, music, dance, singing and play.

We create multisensory environments where babies and toddlers can explore movement and dance with their whole bodies and all their senses. Every baby’s journey is different; therefore our classes overlap ages and developmental milestones.
Birth to Sitting
This class will involve baby massage, tummy time, props, play, music and cuddles!

Specifically designed to gently stimulate baby’s senses and focusing on those early developmental milestones. Sessions will give you time to bond with your baby, playing with scarves and ribbons, exploring together.
6 months to walking
Sessions include baby massage, props, music, play, movement, multi sensory experiences and of course, cuddles!

Concentrating on physical and visual development, language skills and exploring movement. Babies will become familiar with sounds, songs and movement. Discovering numbers, language and lots of textures!
1 – 3 years
These classes encourage creativity by using a blend of movement, music, props, rhythm and play.

Little ones get an opportunity to explore movement and dance with their whole bodies and all their senses; developing physical skills, language, confidence and self-awareness. Classes encourage participation from adults and little ones, building on social and communication skills.

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